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Presentació Notícies RRSS Esdeveniments Avantatges CENTRES ADHERITS FORMACIÓ FEDERATS HOCKEY+ Contacte

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27/03/2023 Real Club de Polo, champions of the Copa de la Reina
Atlètic man`s team finished second in the Copa del Rey and Egara third. In the female category, Atlètic Terrassa has taken the bronze.The Spanish Hockey Federation has organized this weekend the Copa del Rey and de la Reina at the Club Campo Villa de Madrid facilities. This competition brings together the best hockey in the country for a weekend, with a women's and men's draw in which the top eight finishers in the league enter at the end of the first round.Junior F.C, Atlètic Terrassa, R.C Polo, and Club Egara have been the Catalan teams classified for the Cup. Polo and Atlètic Terrassa managed to reach the semifinals, colliding with each other in the duel to access the match with the cup at stake. Polo prevailed in the duel, accessing the final.In the match for third place, Atlètic fulfilled the bronze medal at stake, getting their fourth medal in a Copa de la Reina, this being their second bronze. For its part, Polo has beaten the local team in the final.The Copa de la Reina ended with Polo as champion and Atlètic as third place. Precisely, these two teams have swept the individual prizes. Del Polo, Flor Admunson was the top scorer and Xantal Giné the best player in the final and the tournament. The Atlètic Terrassa goalkeeper, Clara Perèz, has been recognized as the best goalkeeper and promised player of the tournament.In the men's category, Atlètic Terrassa, Real Club de Polo, Club Egara, Junior, CD Terrasa, and Barça were the Catalan representatives in the Copa del Rey. The semifinals would offer a Terrassa derby between Egara and Atlètic, in which those from Can Sales knocked out those from Pla del Bon Aire with a 2-0 advantage on the scoreboard. The other semifinal duel ended with Club de Campo celebrating qualification for the final by beating FC Barcelona 4-0.The duels for the medals have crowned the Club de Campo with gold and the Club Egara with bronze. Atlètic Terrassa had to settle for the silver medal after losing the semifinal against Club de Campo in the Shoot-Outs, while Egara narrowly knocked Barça down in the duel for bronze.In terms of individual accolades, five players have finished tied for top scorer; Jose María Basterra from Club Campo, Andreas Rafi from FC Barcelona, ​​​​Pere Amat and Marc Recasens from Club Egara and Pepe Cunill from Atlètic Terrassa. The best goalkeeper was awarded to Rafael Álvarez, from Club de Campo, after his excellent performance in the Shoot-Outs round, while the awards to the best players remained with Atlètic. Marc Sallès and Jordi Bonastre have been chosen as the best in the final and in the competition respectively,
24/03/2023 Copa del Rey and Queen's Cup quarter-final pairings decided
Last February 27, in Madrid, the draw for the Copa del Rey and the Copa de la Reina was held, where the five best teams of the first round of the MGS League and the Iberdrola League came to be proclaimed champions.Both Cups will be held jointly at the Club de Campo facilities from March 24 to 26.Six of the vuit equips that take part in the Quarts of the Copa del Rei are Catalans and, these, will be played on Wednesday, March 24 and will face:ATLÈTIC TERRASSA - REAL CLUB DE POLO (11.00h)CLUB EGARA - JUNIOR FC (13.00h)CD TERRASSA - Club de Campo (15.00h)Sanse Complutense - FC BARCELONA (17.00h)The winners will be the protagonists of the semifinals on Saturday.On the other hand, in the Copa de la Reina will participate four Catalan teams and will dispute the quarterfinal matches as follows:Sanse Complutense - Real Sociedad SS (11.00h)JUNIOR FC - Club de Campo (13.00h)ATLÈTIC TERRASSA - CLUB EGARA (15.00h)REAL CLUB DE POLO - UD Taburiente (17.00h)The winners will play the semifinals on Saturday.Then the Cups will be played with the finals and the matches for the third place.This season the Copa del Rey celebrates its 106th edition and the Copa de la Reina its 38th.     
20/03/2023 The quarter-finals of the first and second legs of the Men's Division have been played
This weekend, three of the four first-leg quarter-final matches of the 1st Men's division were played. In this first match, Egara 1935 lost 1-3 against Vallès Esportiu; Diagonal did it by 0-2 with AD Rimas and Atlétic Terrassa by 4-2 with Matadepera'88. Today, Monday 20 March, at 9.15pm the match between EHC and Club Egara is played.The quarter-finals of the second leg will be played on March 27, at 9:15 p.m.: Club Egara - EHC; April 1, at 5:00 p.m.: Atlètic Terrassa - Matadepera'88 and at 5:15 p.m. Vallès - Egara 1935. On April 2, at 3:30 p.m., the match between AD Rimas and Diagonal will take place HC.The first leg Semifinals will be played on April 16, the return leg on April 23; the first leg Finals on May 7 and the return leg on May 14. The results of the 2nd A Men's Quarter-final first-leg matches were:Line Ciutat de Terrassa 1 – Junior FC 4CD Terrassa 4 – Line 22 HC 5Matadepera'88 0 - Sarrià HC 4Atlético Terrassa 0 - Vallès 2 The quarter-final second leg matches of 2nd A Men's are:Vallès - Atlético Terrassa (04/01/2023-3.15pm)Line 22 HC - CD Terrassa (04/02/2023-10.00am)Junior FC - Terrassa City Line (04/02/2023-10.30am)Sarrià HC - Matadepera'88 (02/04/2023-15.00h) The results of the quarter-final first leg matches of 2nd B Men's have been:Catalonia HC 3 – Matadepera'88 Blue 5Iluro HC 2 – CH Sant Andreu 1Castelldefels 1 – Barceloní 2 The quarter-final return matches of 2a B Men's will be:Matadepera'88 Blau - Catalonia HC (04/01/2023-5.15pm)Barceloní - Castelldefels (04/01/2023-5.30pm)CH Sant Andreu - Iluro HC (04/02/2023-2.30pm) The first leg of the 2nd Division Semi-Finals will take place on April 16, the return legs on April 23. The first leg Finals will be played on April 30 and the return leg on May 7.The first two classifieds of 2a A go up to 1a Division; the last two go down to 2aB and the first two from 2aB go up to 2aA.